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Roland Garros


Roland Garros is one of the biggest 4 tennis tournaments in the world. I’m lucky because my dad coaches some of the pros. Today I got to meet Roger Federer. He’s #3 in the world and is my idol. On my birthday I got tp meet Novak Djokovic. He’s currently #1 in the world. Here’s is a picture of me with Roger.


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Comparison of the Past and Present



Notice the comparison. The first picture I didn’t no how I felt about posting. I was still a little bit nervous. I wasn’t comfortable with having people listen or read my thoughts. So I didn’t post very much.

The 2nd picture is last month and what I posted about my friends and how they’re close to me. I’ve also learned how to be more open to my blog and how my thoughts reflect on the people that read.

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7th Grade


When I first arrived in August, I expected tons of homework every night, new people at my lunch table, and mean teachers who would get you in trouble for everything. I don’t have any mean teachers though and it’s probably for my cheerfulness.

And I was correct by saying: TOO MUCH HOMEWORK!!! I mean staying up till 1 am working on a class project or a yearbook layout. Also there are the same people sitting at our lunch table just a few new people such as Kira and Neha. They’re both crazy so they fit in just fine. No mean teachers have subbed or taught my classes and I’m thankful for that.

By October, I had the schedule, the new friends and the teachers down. I knew how to get them all to like me. I mean I’m way to cheerful for everyone and I guess that makes me different and crazy. Everything seems to get easier when you keep track of all your work and try to finish it all before 1 am. It was like being royalty, until the other students see me. To them I’m a nerd- and that’s okay.

Unfortunately, I never figured out how to separate fighting girls at our lunch table or how to get sleep on a school night with 10,000 pages of homework. I mean to much drama and stress. That’s what sitting at my lunch table gets you: war. A battle between two sides- and you have to decide who your against or with.

In seventh grade I learned how to:
🔹Deal with unhappy friends
🔹Make new friends
🔹Deal with dramatic girls at our lunch table
🔹I also learned to respect my coaches on the tennis team

My advice to next years seventh graders: stay positive. It’s rewarding.

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Leading Friends and Others


Sometimes in choir people want me to lead the soprano 1 section but I don’t like to lead. I’m more of the following type. Like if I have an idea, I keep it to myself. Most people share their ideas but not me. I following and go along with any idea.

One of the reasons that I don’t lead are because I’m scared I will mess up and do the wrong thing. I’m also this really shy person when it comes to presenting or leading. I don’t speak up in class. People look at me when I am called on and my voice comes out like a whimpering squeak. Sometimes when my friends argue and ask me which idea is better I stay mutual.

Another reason is because I don’t feel comfortable unless I’m near my friends. If I’m leading them it’s okay because they like my ideas, but if it’s not them people decide to go against me on my crazy Ideas. My friends support me on everything I do. They make good leaders. Me, I’m just their follower. My friends are superior in all ways. They’re smart, funny, social, and just so good at making friends. I’m not as smart, not as funny, to shy to be social and not very good at making friends quickly. My friends will one day be great leaders. Cassandra: a super scientist. Wally: a computer engineer. Lauren: an actress beyond the others.

Then theirs me. Only good at sports. I’m the follower of anyone. If someone has an idea. I go along with it. Sporty jock and bookworm are my titles. Not super genius, computer whizz or sociable beyond compare.

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Dear readers,
First I want to say all of these stories go together. From when I moved to now, in middle school. I’ve made lots of new friends from 4 years old to 12. These stories are connected. I moved, then I started elementary school, and then I started middle school. Hope you enjoy!

🔹First Friend-
I used to live in Seattle & my old neighbor was 9 when I was 4. We would play in his backyard all day everyday. He had a swing set, a seasaw with red paint peeling off, and he had 2 dogs which I loved to play with. He had 2 dogs, a cat named mitsy, and a parrot. I would come over after he came home from school and we would hang out for hours on end. His mom was sweet and she loved to bake. When we moved I knew that I would miss him. I don’t remember his name but I remember him and his family so well it’s like they were my own family.

🔹School Buddies-
I now have tons of best friends but this was in kindergarten. The beginning of school. New year. New friends. I had no friends. Everything was new. Then I saw 3 girls sitting together and laughing. I walked over and now these 3 are very close. Their names are Lauren, Rebecca, and Cassandra. I sat with them at lunch, played with them at recess, and even talked to them during class. These 3 changed my life. They stand up for me and help me get through school.

🔹Friendship Differences-
First I want to say, he’s a baseball geek and I’m a tennis player. He’s new and I’ve been in this school district forever. We talk and laugh but we have different friends. We have different life’s but are friends through sports. This proves that you can be friends with people that aren’t the same as you. You don’t have to be friends with people that are in the same clubs and interests.

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Soon I will be leaving for Paris. For the biggest tennis tournament in the world. Roland garos.

My dad and I will be leaving to watch the tournament. I even get to meet some of the most amazing tennis players ever. I might even get to hit with them. While were there, my dad and I will also egg to see the most famous museums ever. Even famous paintings such as, the Mona Lisa.

The disadvantage is that I will have to get a month ahead of school. My entire grade. I have to turn in assignments 2 weeks before anyone else. I will take lots of pictures and post them over the summer. I really want to meet some of the greatest tennis players such as nadal, federer, and djokivich. They are the top 3 in the world.

Hope everyone had fun STAAR testing!! (Sarcasm)


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Favorite Quote


My favorite quote is, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” – Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson

This quote is special because it means practice your sport today, when you have so much time on your hands. My mom told me this quote when I was little and it’s now my favorite quote. I remind myself of this quote whenever I have tons of homework due in a week.

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My Favorite Place


The office with closed doors and the red swivel chair that brings me to the world of Sims 3. A black cat sitting behind the computer, sleeping as my new dog sits on lap. My brother sitting next to me as we create a world for the created characters. This is my favorite place to be.

One reason is that I can have all my electronically devices on next to me. I have my kindle playing Netflix next to me while playing my addicting game. No one bothers me when I’m in the office because it is my Kingdom and they are the peasants.

Another reason is that I feel like nothing is going on in the world around me. I have no homework, no parents yelling at me to do chores and not having to clean my room. I think that being alone is sad but no one is telling me what to do when the doors are closed and the computer is on.

Now you have seen my life behind the closed doors of the office wall. My favorite place is an office. Weird, right? I’m such a nerd and I love my computer. Nothing can go wrong when I go in my safe and secure dreamland.




On Friday, my doubles partner and I played a tennis tournament. We did pretty darn good. The first match we were unsure of ourselves be we just started to have fun. The second we focused and did not want to lose.

Caroline and I walked towards the court with our opponents behind us. The girls were tall and very muscular, unlike any pair we’ve seen. We started warming up and they were good at everything. Backhands, forehands, volleys, overheads even passing shots. We were sure to lose. Then there was the serve. We could win easily. The score went back and forth. 1-2, 2-2, 3-2. Finally we took the lead 3-4. We played hard and the score finished at 8-4.

The next match was easier because I hit the ball harder as I played. No one hit like me so it was good that I played like that. The score went from 0-0. To 5-1. We were winning and I was super happy. Finally the score was 8-2. We had won the doubles tournament.

We walked over to the front desk and reported the scores. The women said congrats to our opponents and gave them the runner up trophy. Then handed us a real champion tournament trophy. This is a tough sport and I’m super proud of myself.

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Expository Writing


The buzzing of the computer router. The keyboard clicks on your phone. The bright screen in the dark. The buzz of receiving a text. This is why electronics are fun.

Computers are very fun because there is so much to do. For example, you could watch your favorite youtubers do stupid challenges, like the dog food challenge, where you have to eat a can of dog food. Then there’s the sims. Build a dream house, even a world for a family you created on the desktop computer that you and your siblings fight for. The fun is video games. Not homework the teachers give over the weekends.

Another reason is that you could go on your electronics and be in a totally different world for hours. This happens to me when I’m playing the sims. I go onto my computer and have my phone on the desk next to it and I will only stop to eat and text my friends. It takes my parents 12 hours to realize where I am.

Unfortunately, when your parents decide to be mad at you (this happens all the time to me) bye, bye electronics. Your phone, gone. Computer, gone. iPad, gone.  Then there’s nothing to do for hours and hours, and you are sitting there staring at a wall.  Where’s the fun in doing homework or reading?

Electronics are fun and I think parents should give their kids more time with them. I love them so much because I love wasting the day on the computer. I’m so lazy! 😊

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